Our Chairman

Rod Black

Our son, Chris, was diagnosed in October 1977 at the age of six months, it took us some time to get over the initial shock, especially as we were told to basically put our son in a home and forget about him.

Following a lack of advice and support I was determined to find ways of trying to improve the quality of life for both my son and other sufferers and their families. My breakthrough came completely out of the blue, when the Co-ordinator from the main National society phoned me and asked that I consider joining the local group as their new Chairman.

From those early days drastic changes were implemented, and what has been achieved is fantastic, especially with all the services we now provide, with our Conductive Education being the ethos of our work with Disabled children. So it is a tribute to all the Trustees, Members, Staff, and Volunteers, Sponsors and Parents who have supported me in my efforts over the years, in helping to create the organisation we currently are.

However, my team and I must constantly look to the future and for ways of ensuring our organisation can continue its ground breaking work. As a charity we must grow and look for additional funding and support as we progress. I need to be able to offer improved benefits to those organisations who offer their support to us.

With this in mind I have enrolled the support of Wallgo who came to our rescue when we suffered a break in back in 2007. They have totally streamlined our online presence and provided us with a powerful tool for going forward. This new website, you are currently viewing, was designed to both generate increased revenue and help support those organisations that help us. With a new image and a stronger commercial presence we can now look forward to a healthy future.

All those people and businesses who have helped us to date will remain just as important to us and it is their efforts that have got us this far. It is for this reason that we need to grow so that their efforts are not in vain.

Thank you for your continued support

Rod Black - Chairman Step & Learn Conductive Education Services