Wallgo provide a range of award winning specialist imaging services…

HDR photograpjy
HDR photography or HDRi (High Dynamic Range Imaging) is a very specialist photographic technique that offers you photographic images that are far superior to the results that traditional photographic  methods can achieve.  Each HDR image is created using 5 separate multi exposure images combined, using specialist software, to achieve a perfect photograph that provides far superior colour, tonal range and clarity.  We will undertake both UK and mainland Europe projects using both HDR and traditional photographic methods. 

Traditional Photographic Services 
Wallgo carry a wide range of Canon Professional Digital cameras and lenses covering a wide range of photographic conditions from event photographycommercial photographymotorsport photographyproduct photographylandscape photographystudio photography and much more. Our Canon Pro ‘L’ lenses provide us with the ability to shoot work from extreme wide angle to powerful telephoto and also cover specialist photographic demands like ‘tilt and shift’ and ‘fish eye’. 

Photographic Editing and Re-touching 
The Directors of Wallgo have many years of experience within both the I.T and Creative industries and as a result their team is fully conversant with all specialist photo-editing and HDR techniques.

Wall Mounted imaging  -  ORBIS  - EDURUS – TELA – SOLUM 
Being  able to provide class leading HDR photographic services is all very well but you need to be able to provide class leading printing services for wall mounted or point off sale products. Wallgo have developed a unique magnetic tile system we call ORBIS, 'Latin’ for rotation. In addition, we provide a key range of wall mounted and floor standing products designed to showcase your photographic images to their best advantage. 

Consultation and Project Management 
For organisations who are looking for an on-going imaging and display solution, we provide a consultation and project management service ensuring your specific requirements are fulfilled. 

Delivery And Installation Services 
All Wallgo products are delivered direct to your offices with a full installation service ensuring each wall or floor mounted products is mounted in the best possible way.

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