RW1 Vodka Based drinks

Vodka Test Tube Shots from RW1

Stephen Wild founded RW1 in February 2013. RW1 produces its very own vodka based test tube drinks, with a very unique combination of flavours.

After extensive research we have combined new flavours to add to estabished flavours already available like the apple sour, cherry sour, blueberry, raspberry and so on.

The team at RW1 are committed to working with its customers, clubs & pubs and branding of RW1.

We read and listen to the feedback left in our inbox , and replying if necessary. With the niche in the market it's time to add a new range of drinks. The drink with a twist. The drink that is being talked about on the social network the brand is RW1.

Keep visiting our website for news, reviews and new products coming soon....

1. Tongue Twister; juicy fruit with sherbert on the end.
2. Sweet Sensation: a combination of fruit salad & blac jack.
3. Chilli Chocotia; chocolate with a hint of tia maria then the chilli.

Our company is based in the UK and serve pubs, clubs and