The Benefits

What do you get?
Contributors who donate in excess of £2,000 will receive a full 4 page bespoke interactive website similar to those current contributors’ pages shown here… All you need to do is send us some text, your logo artwork and images, we do the rest.

How does this benefit you?
Step & Learn Conductive Education Services have partnered with Wallgo, an award winning website and photographic organisation. They have an unrivalled and proven track record in getting their website designs to the top of Google. Step & Learn Conductive Education Services will be no different and thus any organisation that has placed a ‘mini web page’ with us will benefit from a huge ‘hit rate’ ensuring their products and services are found on a regular basis from a wide audience.

Is it unique?
As far as we know, no other charitable organisation has attempted to offer their contributors real commercial benefits for their vital input. We know that commercial  organisations now need to justify any sort of expenditure and thus simply giving funds to charitable causes can be a difficult decision, however worthwhile they may be.  Let us give you a real commercial opportunity by providing you with an online audience!

How much?
All donations are welcome and important to us and there are many private indivuals who have been extremely supportive and we still need their on-going involvement please. However, we want to also welcome commercial organisations who have the additional financial means that we need to help support our necessary work. These commercial organisations need value for money and thus we feel that with the online exposure and benefits that our website can bring, a suggested donation value of around £2,000 would be of great value.