Mathew Crane, U.K's Youngest Classical Baritone

Matthew is the U.K's Youngest Classical Baritone at the age of 18. He was born in Gravesend Hospital to parents Shirleyanne and Mark. Matthew currently resides in the village of High Halstow. A former pupil of Gads Hill Private School, the former home of the great author, Charles Dickens.
Matthew attends singing/vocal tuition weekly and has piano lessons. He also attends the gym twice weekly and has a personal trainer. His aim is to stay fit and healthy. He plays golf, enjoys the cinema and listening to different genres of music. Matthew aspires to be like Luciano Pavarotti, Bryn Terfel, Garda Cortes, Mario Lanza and Enrico Caruso.We are so proud that both Mathew and his family have been supporting our charity since Mathew was just 13 years old.

You can visit Mathews own website here...