Get Involved

Each division within Step And Learn Conductive Education Services plays an important part in offering a range of invaluable educational services to the Kent public. It is their combined efforts that support our Fundraising team and help them promote our specialist care services and conductive educational divisions.

Fundraising is our lifeline and we would like to thank all of the wonderful organisations and individuals who support Step And Learn Conductive Education Services. However, our work is never done as we have to look for funding on a regular basis. Linda Phillips heads up our team and needs your continued support.

This new website reflects our fresh approach to our work and you, our supporters. This site will help us raise awareness of our work to a new level whilst also promoting those who have supported us. This new website will act as a portal for those Step And Learn Conductive Education Services contributors including Kent businesses and Kent commercial organisations who wish to promote their own services with details of how they have helped support our organisation. For information on how this site may help you please click here

Our values will always remain the same but our approach and public images will continue to both grow and improve in order to offer continued value to those people and organisations who support us.

We thank you for being involved with us on an on-going basis.